Tell you how to roast a delicious whole grain coffee at home

The status of coffee is dirty, impregnated chemicals

Recent journalism or coffee news is made from popcorn, soybeans,..... Even made from chemicals, it could be because of the profits that they have accidentally forgotten about the taste and flavor of coffee, so many of you have a question how to roast the pure coffee beans at home?

Many people think that roasted coffee beans are difficult only to have the professional roaster, new coffee specialists can be roasted, and in addition to the mystery coffee makers often advertise roasted coffee should have a "SECRET" can be roasted, but really roasted coffee is only difficult when it is "dirty coffee" only , coffee farmers prefer pure grain coffee to still self roasted coffee from this lifetime.

Pure coffee beans

Roasted Coffee at home 

There are simple ways to use tools at home that are just cheap for you to make. You will spend a lot of effort and continuous monitoring time, and it is possible that many other people using the innovative coffee roasting machine will save much time and effort. But it doesn't matter when you really have a coffee enthusiast, you want to hand out the delicious beans yourself. Roasted Coffee bean puree is one of the most important factors to taste as well as the quality of coffee beans. Depending on the ability, feel and experience of each roasted person, that coffee will smell and taste different.

Pure coffee beans

Please note that the phase of coffee roasted from temperature 180 – 250 degrees to 18 – 25 minutes. Currently, using machines for roasted coffee, the time is shortened only about 8 minutes. After roasted coffee beans hatch about 40 to 60% but compensate for pure coffee beans again lose 14 to 23% of the weight.

During the roasting process, there are many biological pedigrees that take place, and the result is a series of substances formed such as coffee oil, coffee flavour, fat not No.... and a type of starch is transformed into sugar and caramel to form a characteristic coffee color. To keep the aroma of coffee, after the roast, it is necessary to cool quickly.

Ingredients to be prepared

-Coffee beans: Choose from pure coffee beans, depending on the humidity, low or high, depending on the type of coffee (Arabica, robusta) that rang time may differ.

Required Tools

-Large pans or cress depending on the number of roasted.

-Kitchen: Electric stove, gas, firewood....

-Blender for grinding coffee when roasted, mini mill or using a coffee grinder

Home Coffee Roasting Process

-Give the pan to the stove, give away the coffee beans in moderate heat, avoid large fire too will burn coffee.

-It is important that you remember to constantly island for cooked coffee, avoiding the case below the black seed which is left white. Roasted about 15 minutes when the coffee turned brown black.

-Bring coffee to the open air, or use 1 fan, a fan for cold fast coffee is long fragrant, and avoiding the hot Coffee Meeting school will continue to nine leads to the infamous.

Pure coffee beans

Ground coffee

After coffee has cooled the best for 1 day and night, you enter the little mill, so do not be too small if you will not be hit and when brewing will be very long flowing in the Phin.

Remember, although the pure coffee beans are simple but you should also try to roast each batch of small coffee in advance for the internship to know the temperature, time, color... Of the type of coffee you like before starting to roast much.

After roasting, the beans must be stored in closed jars, when the lid is not air-placed to avoid flying incense, avoiding moisture in the coffee. The tofu must be in a dry place, without sunshine, and airy. High temperatures will stimulate bacteria to develop destructive coffee flavor.

Pure coffee beans

Also if you want to keep the freshness of roasted coffee more than two weeks, you can put the jar of coffee in the refrigerator. It is imperative that you make sure the coffee is sealed, the moisture in the refrigerator if entering the jar will cause the coffee to perish. When coffee beans are removed from the refrigerator, let the coffee defrost in the normal temperature of 2-3 hours before grinding coffee, and it is best to check if there is water in the coffee bean, if so do not cover the lid tightly closed and the refrigerator has entered , the quality of the coffee will not be delicious. Finally, despite being kept in the refrigerator, the freshness of the coffee beans has roasted well just about a month.

If conditional, it is recommended to divide into small jars for easier preservation of the coffee. Using a large jar, you must open the closure many times, making the coffee mau older.

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