How to mix a simple but delicious iced milk coffee

Raw materials in the way of brewing iced milk coffee
Coffee powder Milled
Coffee Makers
Sugar Condensed milk
How to Do

Step 1: for 2 – 3 tablespoons of coffee powder into the phin, you should give much a little to ensure a cup of milk tea. Once added to the Phin, you shake lightly to make the coffee, so that the flat will be easier to compress.

Step 2: Pour condensed milk into the glass with the amount in accordance with your preference. If you want to drink sweet, you give a little milk. Many of you like to drink more bitter coffee, you can get some milk in the way of coffee.

Step 3: Cover the compressed coffee lid. If this section has a zipped handle, you tighten to compress the coffee down (can use a knife or spoon). Before brewing tasty iced milk, you give a spoon of hot water in front to moisten and help the coffee hatch. This is the secret in how to mix iced milk coffee that you need to remember to help the coffee hatch, when the boiling water will run slowly, coffee drip more dense.

Step 4: Boil the water and pour it from the coffee to the coffee. You pour a sufficient amount of water, so it's too much coffee.

Step 5: In the process of waiting for drip coffee, if found fast flowing, you rewinding the latch to compress the coffee, If the coffee flows rapidly, you should readjust the compression latch to make your iced milk coffee to achieve the most adequate amount of water.

Step 6: Finally wait for the coffee to drip, you have a delicious cup of milk coffee. When drinking just for a few more small rocks will be much more delicious.
In addition to the way of brewing the iced milk with Phin, you can also use the coffee machine to get the best and most bold coffee cups. There are also many types of coffee machines that are suitable for you when you want to enjoy your coffee at home.

2. Some notes you need to know in how to mix iced milk coffee
Quality of coffee materials
You have to choose the pure coffee material, 100% pure, do not mix to have the most delicious mix of iced milk coffee. On the market today, a variety of coffee beans impregnated with other ingredients should no longer bring the natural flavor of Café grain, the café is mixed with flour such as corn flour, rice bran,... If you choose Pure coffee materials, the way to mix iced milk coffee will achieve the best effect, just bring delicious coffee, but also ensure the safety for your health. You can add high quality coffee at roasted beans coffee. Therefore, pay attention to the ingredients that are always needed in the way of brewing delicious coffee.

Pay attention to water in the way of brewing delicious iced milk coffee
Many people think that water does not play a role in creating a delicious cup of milk coffee, but the truth of the water you choose to brew influences a lot to taste coffee in the way of brewing delicious iced milk coffee. So, in order to have the delicious insulation, you need to use pure filtered water, pure, clean, colorless odor. The coffee cup will be delicious if you have pure water. You should keep in mind this element in the most delicious ice milk coffee.

The dispensing instrument always needs to make sure
For the use of the filter to brew tasty milk coffee, you should regularly clean your dispensing instruments even when not in regular use. Before making coffee, always remember to thoroughly mix with boiling water to sterilize and ensure the flavor is not affected. In addition, to have a better way of making iced milk coffee, we advise you to use aluminum foil instead of stainless steel filter. You should choose Aluminum Filter type with many small holes so the cafe will filter slower and for better taste.

As for the choice of coffee machines to brew iced milk coffee, you also need to keep the machine clean if not the machine is very fast.

In addition, the cups/cups that you choose to carry the cafe should also be more attentive when choosing colors. The white porcelain cups will be the perfect choice for you!

With a mix of iced milk coffee along with extremely rewarding notes, you will surely accumulate more of the experience in brewing the hundreds of people who are drunk.

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