There are many varieties of tall grasses that have been planted, but the two grasses are encouraged to plant many of the parade because of the high nutritional content, which is easy to grow, the care of which is the varieties of seaweed, also known as lemongrass and grass Va06 often called elephant grass.

The letter is due to the treatment of nutrition and high productivity for 10 years, VA06 is a type of grass cultivated by her son. Va06 is a breed of grass bred amongst Vietnamese familiar elephants with wolf-tailed grasses in the Americas, hybrids have outstanding properties the first year has been able to Huan yield from 225 to 375 tons/ha, up to five iterations can be Huan to 480 tons/ha. Proper planting time is from January 2 to May 5, harvested from June 6 to November 11. If the active dry season is irrigated water warehouse, which can be harvested year round, the cycle of elephant grass is 3 to 4 years, i.e. planting 1 time for 3 to 4 years, if good care can be high yield for 10 consecutive years.

Grass Breeding VA06
Grass Va06 easy to grow, not cost-intensive and at public care
The shape of Va06 grass is similar to the elephant grass, sugar cane, herbaceous, erect, medium height 4 to 5 meters, shrub, trunk diameter from 2-3cm, broad leaf, soft, high nutritional content, that has up to 17 types of amino acids and many vitamins needed for the body of livestock intake.

Grass Va06 can Truc Cho's fresh beef or sour food, dried red food or crushed out as a dry grass powder for growing cattle. With a high nutritional feature, Va06 is a widely cultivated grass in the march. This inscription is cultivated not only, to meet the green knowledge of the rich nutrition that cows are and you go for the performance of the sunshine of many farmers.

Va06 grass is easy to grow, does not cost much and at public care, the cultivation of fat-fed grass brings many benefits to the sun. She can be any of the fertilizers in the incubated cage to strengthen scholars to fertilize the grass, and save cost in the history of the fertilizer medium protected environment, limiting the use of chemistry scholars. However, when the fertilization of cow cuong fertilize the grass Va06 the children need to check regularly, when you see that a new standard Huan was brought to the grass. The process of fertilizing the child should fertilize each row, fertilize when the weather is wet, soil is moist.

Chung Cuong Huan is a high yield and for a long time harvest for 10 years, the fertilization of proper nutritional supplementation for Va06 grass is important so that she needs to note:

It is recommended to be lined with a manure and nutrients in the soil.
After planting 25-30 days of grass has sprouting, root, after each cutting 7-10 days should Truc the water plant fertilizer dilute irrigation helps plants grow fast.
For high productivity, it has to be more productive and grow rapidly.
Fertiliser amount is 2, 5-3kg urea/litter.
It is possible to use the compost, but must be a period of fertilizing fertilizer at least 15-20 days.
Clean the weeds 2-3 times when the soil is sealed, combining each socket 25g of urea and the root cultivate to avoid pouring because this is the period of grass growing rapidly in the parade.
After each harvest, it is necessary to clean the weeds, root and fertilize the container, and urea to increase productivity.
Often grass Va06 grow well on many soils, less severely pests. However, due to the intensive process, pests such as worms, brown spots, and dry zebra. To strengthen pests and illnesses, regular visits with good measures. Often in the rainy season much rainfall, moist soil, the child is too much fertilizer, the amount of fertilizer is not balanced or due to the long flooding on the grass will be infected with brown spots or also called flecks caused by henninsopium fungi. The wound with a leaf inscription at the base of the inscription leaves the brown spots in the middle, which surrounds yellow-like fleced disease on the rice then spreads out the leaves. Cuong overcome the disease on the grass Va06 if the tree came to harvest, then cut the roots and then proceed to spray the original drugs. After each spray she needs to pay attention 10-14 days The new baby continues to harvest the grass for the cow. In particular with mycosis, she needs to carefully observe the garden, because fungal diseases are often in the trunk can spread to the leaf, if not play the letters and prevent timely, then spread the whole garden room. When the disease is mild, she should cut off the disease, cut off the stem and remove from the garden room. When a severe illness should be used to provide sprays all over the garden, after 7-10 days, the intensifying test of the disease remains on the stem and continues to grow.

Make sure the soil clean pathogen, clean grass.
If fertilization should be lined with manure to create the mmus and nutrients in the soil.
Planting with a distance of 40-60cm in order to convenient for care, fertilizing, pest prevention.
After planting 25-30 days of grass has sprouting, rooting, after each cutting of 7-10 days should use a dilute fertilizer water to help the plant grow rapidly.
For high productivity, you will be able to produce more and more times to grow premature.
After each harvest cleans weeds, the root and fertilize the manure, fertilizer ends for the grass to increase productivity.
When the grass is contaminated with pests such as: deep opaque, fungal spots... Conducting insecticide spraying and co-derived drugs.
Frequent visits to the garden for early detection and take precautions for timeliness.
Thus, planting and caring for grass Va06 is not difficult and does not cost a lot of care. She should regularly visit the garden to take measures to supplement proper nutrition, prevention of pest pests in a timely manner to ensure food sources in cow breeding. Actively ensuring the source of green, fresh and nutritious food necessary for cows help her child save time, effort. Fattening cows will increase the amount of meat, contributing to improve economic efficiency increase income for her children.

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