The unique story of coffee

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the world, and it also contains funny jokes and stories like the Oddee page below.

1. Coffee from animal dung If you want to enjoy a particular type of coffee, you can try Kopi Luwak - one of the most expensive coffee in the world for hundreds, even thousands of dollars per kg . Expensive because the process of making Kopi Luwak is very complicated and laborious. Before harvesting, coffee beans are eaten by civets, and when they are discharged, the beans are coated with digestive enzymes that help create a characteristic bitter taste. This makes Kopi Luwak attractive. However, according to the animal protection organization PETA, keeping the civet in a cage and forcing them to eat coffee seriously affects the health of these animals.

2. Coffee addiction This is a unique addiction of couple Mike and Trina in Florida. Indentation is the act of giving water to the large intestine to wash the colon, but in Mike and Trina's case, water is replaced with coffee. This addiction comes after Trina tries to cure her stomach illness, and then Mike "infected" always his wife's time-consuming and quirky hobby.

3. McDonald's is sued for selling too hot coffee An elderly woman named Stella Liebeck in New Mexico is the one who filed one of the most frivolous lawsuits in history. The number was when he bought McDonald's coffee from his nephew's car, the 79-year-old woman awkwardly opened the plastic lid and spilled coffee on her body, causing a third degree burn. Experienced 6 weeks of treatment and transplantation da, Liebeck had requested McDonald's compensation of $ 20,000 but was denied. As a result, she sued the fast food chain and won up to $ 200,000. McDonald's fault was determined to be because they sold the coffee too hot: 82-87 degrees Celsius, while other stores were only 55-60 degrees Celsius. However, Liebeck was also said to have a 20% error in the case. so she only received 160,000 USD.

4. Call for coffee when playing Tennis This odd request is from Serena Williams against Flavia Pannetta in Hopman Cup, Australia. After losing 0-6 in the first set, Serena decided she needed to drink something to "warm up" and she ordered an Espresso, even though she had never done the same thing before. Interestingly, Serena's request was also met by the organizers, and soon, the famous American tennis player won the remaining 2 sets straight to overcome the opponent with a score of 6-3 and 6-0. .

5. Just drinking coffee and robbing A strange robbery occurred in 2012, when two men walked into a newsstand in Manchester, England, and asked the clerk to fill up the four bags they carry with them. cigarettes and cigars. Not only that, the store's camera also captures the stylish image of one of the two bandits with indifferent coffee cup in hand. After that, two robbers made another mission, also targeting another newsstand in Manchester.

6. Build a coffee empire from his son's book Before 1908, coffee filters were mostly made of cloth, even through socks when you were addicted to the drink and did not find the right tools. However, a woman named Melitta Bentz changed this. After getting fed up with the bitter taste from filtered coffee through cloth, Bentz tore a page from his son's textbook and filtered the coffee there. She quickly registered this invention and became a coffee filter boss. Bentz's invention even won the Leipzig Trade Fair award, and her company still exists today.

7. Arrested for drinking coffee while naked in the house Yes, this very ridiculous story happened in Springfield, Virginia when Eric Williamson was arrested right in his house for nudity. According to police, two women saw Williamson in 100% natural shape and called 911 to report this rude image. Meanwhile, Williamson said, I did not affect anyone when I woke up in the morning, went downstairs to make a cup of coffee and went upstairs to enjoy it. All that happened next, as Williamson reported, was that the police broke into the house and arrested him. Even after being acquitted after the incident, this is still a life lesson for "poor guy".

8. Cafe and brothel The barista and bartender waitress has become a trend in cafes in Pacific Northwest, USA. This is considered a strategic guise to help these stores compete with rivals. Not stopping there, Carmen Panico, owner of five regional cafes, decided to be stronger, when his employees not only served coffee but also sex for guests to ... earn more. Pancio was later imprisoned on two counts: prostitution and money laundering.

9. The Pope allowed Europeans to drink coffee In the early 16th century, coffee was imported from Arab countries to Europe through canals in Venice, Italy. Although people here seem to like this drink, some consider it a "drink of Satan". Many monks even asked Pope Clement VIII (1536-1605) to ban coffee drinking, but the pope refused, claiming it was a great drink and would be "a crime." error "if ban it. As a result, coffee began to spread throughout Europe.

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