The famous coffee growing areas in Vietnam in 2019

Coffee has followed French missionaries to Vietnam since the 19th century and has grown strongly to this day, making Vietnam one of the countries with the highest coffee export volume in the world.
In order to achieve these things, there must be a harmony between "heavenly weather, favorable terrain, harmonious people", in which the geographical advantage is one of the important and decisive factors, promoting Vietnamese coffee to take steps. leap forward.

When referring to the coffee growing areas in our country, we must first mention the Central Highlands provinces with famous coffee growing areas such as Cau Dat, Nui Min, Tram Hanh (Lam Dong) and especially Buon Ma Thuot ( Dak Lak) - Robusta granary is the world leader.

This Central Highlands strip, also known as the Central Highlands, is fortunate to be endowed with a rich gift of abundant basalt soil (2 million hectares, accounting for 60% of the national basalt soil), has good mechanical properties and retention capacity. water and high nutrient uptake, the structure of the porous mass on average 62-65% ... Besides, these plateaus have elevations of about 500 - 600 m above sea level and cool climate. , heavy rain should be suitable for Robusta coffee and some other industrial crops.

Buon Ma Thuot is a land of early coffee in Vietnam. Previously, the French had carefully surveyed the soil, climate, altitude, ancient alluvial floor ... only chose Buon Ma Thuot as a Robusta coffee plantation, taking Buon Ma Thuot as a center within a radius. 10 km of Robusta coffee plantations have good physical properties, such as Ea Kao, Etam, Tan Lap, Tan Hoa, Tan An, Tan Loi, Cu Ebut, and some other districts: Cu Mgar, Krong Ana ... Robusta region This is the most suitable type to increase the strength of Espresso (original Milano) but with a small percentage.

As one of eight first-class cities under the province, it is also a strategic city, especially important for national security and defense, so Buon Ma Thuot is interested in and invested heavily in infrastructure development by the State. infrastructure and many other aspects. With the leading production of Robusta coffee in the country, contributing to the export of Vietnamese coffee to the No. 1 position in the world, and providing a coffee product of the highest quality and the most characteristic flavor. Buon Ma Thuot should be considered as "coffee capital".

Although located on the Central Highlands, Cau Dat, Nui Min and Tram Hanh coffee in Lam Dong province have a difference. That is the seductive fragrance of Arabica coffee which is popular in the world. At an altitude of over 1,500 m above sea level, with many gentle sloping hills and cool climate, these areas of Lam Dong are the most favorable place, the most ideal for Arabica varieties to grow and produce. The best quality coffee beans in the world. Especially, Cau Dat coffee is considered as the "Queen" of all kinds of coffee thanks to its special charming fragrance.

Khe Sanh (Quang Tri) is also a famous growing area of ​​Arabica and Catimor coffee (jackfruit coffee), which has a suitable height and is a plain subject to the wind blowing by the Lao deserts from the Central desert. Asia makes the grass dry and the most persistent Vietnamese people. In addition, our country has a Northwest Arabica coffee region that has a hundred-year history, although the products are lower than those of the Central Highlands provinces, but also contribute to the enrichment of Vietnamese coffee. Diversity.

In addition to the above mentioned coffee growing regions, Vietnam is also known for coffee in Dak Mil of Dak Nong, with up to 19,000 ha of coffee, accounting for up to 1/4 of the district's area and providing output to 42,930 tons, accounting for one third of coffee production compared to the whole province. If Dak Ha coffee brings a joyful and passionate flavor, sour Dak Mil coffee brings deep and profound thought.

Gia Lai is again known as Chu Se coffee, a district located 40 km south of Pleiku city, with an area of ​​12,000 hectares, bringing the flavor of boiling coffee, full of fire. In addition, this province also has other coffee growing areas with good output and quality such as Chu Pa, Ia Sao, An Khe ...

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