PLANTATION of coffee

From the nineteenth century, coffee trees followed the French and took root in Vietnamese soil. In addition to the strong general flavor - the strong flavor of Robusta and Arabica coffee, each region also gives a unique coffee flavor depending on the flavor of the place. Have you ever wondered which region of the coffee bean is the best?

Reputation of the Central Highlands
When it comes to Vietnamese coffee trees, we must mention the raw material areas in the Central Highlands such as Dak Mil (Dak Nong), Dak Ha (Kon Tum), Chu Se (Gia Lai) ... and especially Buon Ma Thuot - Dak Lak. , "Granary" Robusta export coffee ranks first in the world.
With the characteristics of the red basalt soil, at an altitude of about 500m - 600m above the sea with a cool rainy climate, the Central Highlands is very suitable for Robusta coffee plants and over hundreds of years, Robusta coffee here has been become famous. General characteristics of coffee in the Central Highlands have strong caffeine content, strong taste, and little acidity, but each land brings a different taste. Sometimes it is the greasy taste of butter, oil or the taste of caramel, sometimes the taste of sunshine, the highland wind ...

Although living in the Central Highlands, Cau Dat coffee (Lam Dong) has a difference. That is the seductive fragrance of Arabica coffee. At an altitude of over 1,500m, there are many gentle sloping hills and a cool climate with basalt red soil, Cau Dat is the prime location, ideal for Arabica varieties to grow and produce quality Arabica coffee beans. rated the second best in the world. Cau Dat Coffee is considered as the "Queen" of all kinds of coffee thanks to its special alluring aroma.
Land of coffee?

Not only the Central Highlands is the land of coffee. In addition to Robusta coffee and Cau Dat Arabica coffee, Vietnam also has a Northwest tea coffee region that has a hundred-year history. Dien Bien, Son La and some other provinces have favorable conditions to meet the ecological requirements of Bourbon varieties (Arabica family), especially Chieng Ban - Son La coffee is of high quality. Although not a basaltic red soil and not located at an ideal height like the Central Highlands, Son La has the types of soil in the red yellow soil group suitable for coffee trees such as Fk, Fv, Fs, ... and located at a fairly high latitude to the north (20039 '- 22002' north latitude). Son La coffee is fertilized with organic fertilizer, especially without watering but still having strong vitality. Several dozen-year-old trees, big trunks, wide canopies that have a flavor not inferior to the varieties that the French have grown in Lam Dong since the 30s.

The Central region of our country also has areas such as Khe Sanh - Quang Tri, Phu Quy - Nghe An, which are suitable for Arabica coffee, especially Catimor (a hybrid of Caturra and Hybrid de Timor). Belonging to the Arabica family, though not as sweet as Bourbon, Catimor also has a deep aroma and a bitter, salty taste.

Rich coffee flavor
Robusta coffee is strong and diverse in flavor, Arabica coffee is rich in flavor. Buon Ma Thuot coffee has a sweet bitter taste that gives users the boldness and assertiveness, sour and sour Dak Dak coffee brings thoughtfulness and depth. One can feel the joy and warmth of Dak Ha and Chu Se coffee or the simmering boiling of Long Khanh and Dong Nai coffee.
Through research, analysis of experts have found more than 700 types of compounds that make up the aroma hidden in coffee. If Cau Dat coffee has the scent of almonds, the fruits stimulate the feeling of lightheadedness, the Northwest coffee brings the ecstatic luxury by the smell of wine mixed with cinnamon. Khe Sanh and Phu Quy coffee smells of lilac and the hot taste of southwestern winds from Laos.

Factors such as climate, soil, plant varieties, care techniques, ... have created coffee beans each region has its own unique flavor and flavor. And to get the best coffee, the producer selects the best coffee beans of the regions and finds the secret to combining and mixing a variety of beans to bring a cup of coffee with the right taste. Like and taste people enjoy.

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