How to distinguish famous Italian coffee in the drinks menu

If you are a "connoisseur of coffee", you have probably enjoyed or heard about Italian coffee. In fact, Italian coffee is divided into several categories, each with its own characteristics of preparation as well as flavor. Let's distinguish Coffee Business with Italian coffee types!

Espresso Italian Coffee
Espresso was born in the 1884s and becomes one of the most popular Italian coffees today. To make Espresso, one must use a special type of machine under very high pressure conditions. When the water is pumped in, the copper pipe system in the machine will heat the water to above 90 degrees C and below 100 degrees C. Then, under thrust pressure, water flowing through the coffee powder is being compressed in the filter and poured. straight off the cup. An Espresson Italian coffee is considered standard if there is a layer of brownish brown foam (also known as crema).

Espresso is usually served in thick cups with a capacity of about 40ml. This coffee is very dense and has a high caffeine content. Not just mixing, how to enjoy an Espresso is also an art. People drink a cup handle, one hand hold the plate, then slowly inhale the aroma charm and drink the entire cup of coffee in only 3-4 steam. The more pure the espresso, the more flavorful it is. But if you can't drink bitter, then you can add a little sugar to suit your taste.

Italian Cappuccino Cafe
Cappuccino is made from Espresso but is famous and popular. A standard Cappuccino glass is a combination of 3 equal components: hot milk, bubbly milk and Espresso with double the amount of water. The name "Cappuccino" originates from the Capuchin monks. The brown color in Cappuccino coffee is almost the same as the robes of these monks.

The taste of Cappucino greatly depends on the skills of the barista, or Barista. The thick layer of milk foam above the coffee cup is created by blowing strong steam to stir and beat in fresh milk jugs. On top of this foam layer will be sprinkled with a little cinnamon powder or cocoa powder to increase the flavor. Barista will use a spoon or mold to create art. Cappuccino is usually served in thick cups made of stone or porcelain. Italians love to drink Cappuccino at breakfast.

Italian Latte Cafe
Latte in Italian means coffee and milk. Because of the same composition, Latte is often confused with Cappuccino. In fact, Latte has less foam and is usually contained in quite large glasses. Initially, Latte was created specifically for children because of its high sensitivity and low caffeine content. But then, with the attractive flavor, Latte became more popular and became a drink for all ages.

Italian Coffee Latte Macchiato
Macchiato Latte is made from Espresso and milk. Basically, Latte Macchiato is quite similar to milk coffee but with more milk and very low caffeine. A standard Macchiato Latte must be in a tall, thick glass beaker with three distinct layers: Milk in the lowest layer, Espresso in the middle, top with milk foam and some cocoa, chocolate or cinnamon powder. People often enjoy Latte Macchiato with cookies.

Mocha Italian Cafe
Mocha is an Italian coffee that is enjoyed by all ages, especially by the young. Drinking Mocha, people will feel the greasy taste of hot chocolate and the fat aroma of fresh cream. The caffeine content in Mocha is very low, so drinkers can enjoy it without fear of insomnia.

Italian Coffee Americano
Many people who hear from Americano will think that this must be some famous American coffee. But Americano actually originated from Italy. To create Americano, people will dilute Espresso with double the amount of water. Many people do not like Americano because they think it has "broken" the flavor of Espresso. However, if you like the taste of Espresso but are concerned about the high caffeine content, Americano is a great choice.

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