Discover the uniqueness of Vietnamese coffee from the specialty coffee dishes of the three regions of the North - Central - South

Coffee can be said that the national drink of Vietnamese people is not wrong, and it is a very proud thing. Only from a habit introduced in the French colonial period has the people developed into a unique culture recognized by the whole world. Vietnamese coffee has grown so much that each region of the North - Central - South has a unique way to drink very specific coffee:

Egg coffee - Hanoi

Egg coffee is thought to have originated somewhere in the 1950s in Hanoi. Interestingly, few people know the reason for the birth of this unique coffee was due to the scarcity of fresh milk at the time, so the grandparents had to "improvise" with eggs. Miraculously, a dish of such origin has become one of the must-try specialties when coming to Hanoi.

When I first heard of egg coffee, everyone was surprised, but I liked it when I tried it. If processed properly, egg coffee will have a fatty taste without fishy, ​​intensifying coffee flavor. The two seemingly unrelated ingredients complement each other, making the egg coffee successful on the list of especially famous drinks on foreign newspapers such as CNN, The Guardian ... The egg coffee is over this time. Other times, it is not new to be praised by international friends. So, whether you like coffee or not, this is a must try.

Although egg coffee is a specialty in Hanoi, we can still find it to drink in Saigon.

Salt coffee - Hue

If you've ever heard of people playing pranks by ... adding salt to coffee, you will have to think again when drinking this cup of coffee. Unlike egg coffee, salt coffee is less known, but this is the famous coffee dish of Hue Central region. Salt coffee is served with some salt and fermented milk and traditional coffee. The amount of salt mixed in the coffee neutralizes the bitter and sweet taste, leaving a aftertaste bar and aroma.

Salt coffee is a specialty of Hue ancient capital that has not been found anywhere else. Salt coffee was born about 7 years ago, with the "original shop" is a garden cafe on Nguyen Luong Bang street. There is not much information about the origin and inspiration for making this coffee, but not many people care. The people of the ancient capital were completely conquered by the new and fascinating flavor of salt coffee. Currently, salt coffee has covered many places in Hue.

Although a bit rare, you can still find this salt coffee in Saigon.

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