Discover the "Spirit of Wind" Suzuki Hayabusa only lasted in Hanoi with the words of the owner after more than 1 year of use

The Hayabusa Suzuki was first launched in 1998 and so far, the design of the car has almost no change. However, the point that makes Hayabusa become "legendary", is worshiped as "Wind God" is also due to the power of the car. Suzuki Hayabusa is the first commercial vehicle to limit the speed to 322 km / h. After that, the car's engine continued to be pushed to the threshold of 197 horsepower with later versions. Therefore, the strength is the guideline that makes this model achieve brilliant success besides the "Japanese" design during more than 2 decades.

In Vietnam, the number of Suzuki Hayabusa is not much compared to the modern large displacement motorcycles today. Partly because of the price, partly because they must be really passionate about them to choose "Spirit of Wind". Therefore, the car and show your personality with this car line is even more special. This is also the case with Hayabusa, the protracted level of grit in this article.

This Hayabusa has not been equipped with ABS anti-lock braking system, in return the car uses a symmetrical 6-piston double disc brakes on each side with upside down forks. The car still uses halogen bulbs for the main light and turn signals.

Hayabusa in Japanese means falcon. Therefore, the design of the car also uses many similar curves.

According to the owner 's share: "This is the only car in Hanoi that lasts a long time to pick up, all the furniture to carry is imported from the US, even so are the wheels. The car is extended for Hayabusa like this in Saigon more. "

The rear has also been replaced with a taillight. It also uses two separate chains and 330 / 30R17 tires. In the near future, the owner of the vehicle will carry out the towing level for the car, revealing one side of the rear wheel completely.

According to the owner 's share: "Operating Hayabusa after this level makes the head of the car quite heavy and vibrates big. After finding out, which car after performing such" surgery "will also But it doesn't take much time, once you get used to the feeling of driving, the control becomes much easier. "
"The car he bought from a friend, but after a year of experience and experience with the car, I feel satisfied. However, the passion for the car and the fact that the sound system has not been installed on the battlefield yet. Ma ', he decided that next time he would buy another Japanese scooter to continue what he still cherished "- Mr. Vuong Hoan, owner of the car confided more.

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