Traditional coffee, Espresso, Latte Macchiato, Cappuccino, Cafe Latte, Cafe Macha, Americano, ... are the hottest coffee drinks currently that the new Barista is not sure to distinguish.

Traditional coffee

Cafe is the most popular and favorite drink today. Black coffee, milk cafe is made from pure coffee beans on Robusta, Arabica or ferret coffee, ... it is considered a strong traditional coffee. Depending on the needs and preferences, customers can choose 1 cup of coffee with direct or pre-prepared coffee and drink hot or with ice. Those who love pure coffee usually choose 1 cup of black coffee without sugar, or can add 1-2 tablespoons of sugar. And those who like sweet, aromatic fat will require 1 cup of milk coffee rich, sweet.

Coffee is very popular in Italy and Spain; brewed by flowing water under high pressure through a very fine amount of ground coffee. The result is a 25-30ml drink with a layer of cream from coffee oil with a dark brownish yellow color (known as crema) 5mm thick on the surface. A genuine Espresso will taste very strong and on the face has a layer of aromatic crema without bitter. Espresso coffee is usually drunk in a thick cup preheated, with or without added sugar and usually served with a piece of biscuits and a glass of water.

Latte Macchiato
Macchiato Latte (Latte) is a hot coffee made of Espresso coffee and milk. Basically, Latte is like milk coffee but it is sweeter. A properly brewed Latte Macchiato must consist of 3 distinct layers, poured in the order specified and not mixed together; include: milk is poured into the first cup, at the bottom of the cup, making the lowest layer white; then milk powder on the top floor; Finally, pour Espresso through the milk foam layer to the second floor. Sprinkle on the milk foam a little cocoa powder, chocolate or cinnamon powder to decorate is complete.

Originating from Italy, a standard Cappuccino will consist of 3 equal parts, namely: Espresso coffee mixed with double the amount of water (Espresso Lungo), hot milk and effervescent milk. Next, sprinkle on a little cocoa powder or cinnamon powder, then use the staff, spoon or toothpick to stir / draw to shape your products, be it heart shape, leaf shape, cloud, etc. eye-catching.

Cafe Latte
Cafe Latte simply means coffee and milk. For those who are not connoisseurs, it is easy to confuse Cafe Latte with Cappuchino because these two types share the three main ingredients. However, the difference is that when making Latte Cafe, people only give half the amount of hot milk; instead of equal equal as Cappuchino. An Espresso is prepared with milk and milk powder in a glass or 200ml cup with a temperature of 600 and then put 0.5 - 1cm of milk powder on the surface.

Mocha Cafe

Mocha Cafe is a mixture of Espresso coffee made with steam and hot chocolate. The characteristic of this drink is the fatty aroma of fresh cream and the greasy taste of hot chocolate. Put the espresso directly with hot milk chocolate powder in the middle of the glass gently and carefully so as not to break the delicious coffee board. Finally, decorate with cocoa powder or chocolate on the surface.


In fact, Americano is Espresso but diluted with double the amount of water. An Espresso made directly with hot water in a Cappuchino cup can be served immediately to customers; or can be served separately with boiling water outside.

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