For a long time, there are many relatives and brothers among us who are used to drinking coffee with a bad taste: the coffee cup must be dark black, especially due to the blend of popcorn, roasted soybeans, and the aroma. It was released from the smell of soaked chemicals, and the coffee when stirring foam up the entire cup was also due to chemical foaming. Obviously, all of these have only harmful effects on health.

We have delicious coffee varieties, each year our country exports over one million tons of coffee, serving the enjoyment of coffee by many people around the world. Among them, Mo-Ka is a delicious, delicious, top-rated coffee variety. In our country, high quality Mo-Ka is grown in Da Lat, Lam-Dong areas with elevations from 1300-1500m. Such soil and plateau factors create the taste and reputation of this unique Mo-Ka coffee variety! First of all, the coffee has two main varieties, Robusta and Arabica. Rubusta, as the name suggests, is very robust, ie strong, is high in caffeine, is a lot of insomnia. Arabica, on the other hand, is less toxic, but has more aroma (aroma). The art of producing coffee starts with selecting coffee beans, and mixing an appropriate ratio between these two varieties of coffee.

1. Arabica

It is a long grain coffee, grown at an altitude of over 600m, cool climate, grown mainly in Brazil, and accounts for two-thirds of the current coffee in the world.

The new way of processing makes the difference between Arabica and Robusta. Arabica fruits are harvested, then fermented (soaked in water ...) and then washed and dried. Therefore, the taste of Arabica is slightly sour, and this is also considered to be one of the sensory characteristics of this coffee. Therefore, the "aftertaste" of coffee is real, but not the sour taste, but must change from sour to bitter (Italian chocolate style, after swallowing is delicious coffee). People often liken that sour taste to when you eat lemon, you will find it very sour, but immediately see the bitter taste of the skin. The way to feel the sour taste of coffee is the same.

2. Robusta

The seeds are smaller than arabica, and are dried directly, rather than fermented, the bitter taste is dominant, this type drinks more coffee. Grown at elevations below 600m, the climate is tropical, so is present in more countries (Vietnam only grows this type). Vietnam is the second largest coffee exporter in the world (after Brazil) and most of it is robusta, accounting for a third of the world's coffee consumption.

3. Culi

Are full of coffee beans. Especially in a left there is only one nut. The bitter taste, passionate aroma, high caffeine content, and black water are what Culi coffee brings. It is the quintessential combination of unity.

4. Cherry

Cherry, also known as jackfruit coffee, consists of two main varieties, Liberica and Exelsa. This type is not very popular, but this is a very resistant to pests and very high productivity. Planted in the dry, windy and sunny regions of the highlands.

Cherry brings a very different characteristics and flavors of a mature species in the sunshine and wind of the Highlands. Golden coffee beans, very beautiful shiny. When mixed creates a faint aroma, especially the sour taste of cherry creates a very refreshing feeling. Cherry is very suitable with the preference of women with the combination of smell and taste creates a sense of aristocracy, nobility blends deeply.

5. Moka

Moka is a species of coffee belonging to the Arabica genus, which has been acclimatized since the 30s of the last century, grown in Dalat, Lam Dong. Among them, this coffee is the most difficult to grow, requires very good care, easy to get pests, requires special environmental conditions and techniques to fertilize, but the yield is very small. Moka coffee trees can only grow and grow at an altitude of 1500m, so they cannot be grown in Buon Me Thuot, the capital of Vietnamese coffee. Every year our country exports over one million tons of coffee, most of which is Robusta coffee grown in Buon Me in and some other provinces. Therefore, in Vietnam, Mo ka is a rare and valuable coffee, always priced higher than other types of coffee. It can be seen that not many people among us have the opportunity to enjoy pure Moka, even though the world consumes up to 80% of Arabica and Moka coffee. The higher you go, the better the soil and cultivation conditions are, the better the taste and quality of Moka. In Vietnam, Cafe Moka is grown in Lam Dong Province with an altitude of over 1000m, but only in the land area of ​​Dalat City with the height of 1600m is the most delicious Moka coffee. It can be said that Moka is the queen in the coffee kingdom, the moka seed is much bigger and more beautiful than other varieties, its aroma is very special, very luxurious, ecstatic, slightly acidic, elegant for people. Stylish. Once you've enjoyed the true taste of Moka, people will always remember it more than any other coffee. Moka is aristocratic and has a characteristic flavor that is the top choice of European and American countries.

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