[CAR REVIEW] Honda SH300i - When SH150i is not enough 2019

For the hard fans of the high-end scooters, when even the SH150i is not enough to satisfy their different needs, the Honda SH 300i is the most convincing answer. This large motor scooter costs up to 270 million VND, much higher than the 150i version.

Perhaps we do not need to discuss much about the attraction of Honda SH in Vietnam. Since the SH series has been genuinely distributed by Honda Vietnam since 2009, more than 300,000 units have been sold. No matter what expensive scooters are introduced in an S-shaped strip of land, they are compared to the SH.

"Buying a car must be Toyota, buying a motorbike is a Honda, and buying a scooter must be a SH" is a common saying of many Vietnamese people. It is extremely difficult for something to become a standard, a measure for every opponent to follow, but Honda has done that in Vietnam with both the definition of a cheap motorcycle and the definition. About expensive scooters.

For a long time, Honda SH has been associated with the image of warm boys with sleek hair, wearing fashionable clothes and accessories. Honda SH can be likened to an iPhone. There are many people who want to own these expensive items simply because they think it proves their "class" and wealth, not because they will take full advantage of the features or capabilities of them.

Like many crazy "apple bite" fan who insisted: "I bought an iPhone simply because it was an iPhone," many people would certainly think the same thing when they intend to buy a luxury scooter.

However, those who love the SH series also have a good reason to love the car they choose. Honda SH is not only famous for its reputation, durability, smoothness as well as exciting driving experience are also objective measures that make this scooter attractive. Can a car without a core value sell more than 1 million cars in Europe? No. of course.

Trendy design
For a new car, appearance is always extremely important factor. Honda SH300i 2019 does not own a revolution in appearance but it has enough highlights to make a difference with the 150i version. The front of the car is the part I appreciate the most on the SH300i 2019 aesthetically. The first highlight is 2 LED strip lights formed of 2 Vs connected by a large chrome plate.

This is a design that makes it easy to distinguish the 300i and 150i versions, a very necessary difference because of the huge price gap between the two versions. Currently, Honda SH300i has a list price of 270 million while the 150i brother has a price of about 100 million. With such a difference of 2.7 times, it is clear that SH300i owners want their car to stand out and be easily recognizable among the crowd.

Also striking at the front of the car is the Honda SH300i lighting cluster. 2-level LED headlight cluster with the words SH placed horizontally and 2 black plastic strips open on both sides also contributed to creating a modern and personality face for Honda SH300i. Of course, the SH150i has the same lamp design, but that does not fade the beauty of the SH300i. However, unfortunately, the SH300i still uses filament bulbs, which will be more beautiful if this element is also an LED.

The cover of the SH300i is wider than the 150i version with 2 zigzag lines on the sides. I still find SH150i a bit chubby, especially when looking directly. Version 300i looks more manly, more manly with sharper bibs. Even front wheel fenders are designed to be stronger with embossed ribs. The rough black paint highlights the above details.

If you look horizontally, you will hardly distinguish SH300i and 150i version. The most advanced version retains the overall shape of the SH series over the decades. In contrast to the other big dot scooter rivals, the SH300i retains the absolute flat foot design. This makes those who are not too tall can also get in the car easily.

This spacious space also makes the car more convenient to carry, Honda also cleverly arranges a hanging hook in the overalls. The rear end has the same overall design as the 150i, but two inverted V-shaped LED strips are enough to make a difference. Honda SH300i uses large wheels, up to 16 inches and comes with Metzeller tires size 110/70 before, 130/70 after.

Overall, in terms of design, the Honda SH300i is a more premium version, different than the SH150i. The car is a mix of practicality and a muscular, robust design, in contrast to the Vespa GTS 300 rival, which is redder and more graceful. Each car has its own appeal, but in my eyes, the Honda SH300i is a car that fits the larger number.

Technology and utilities
When Honda applies what technology to its products, consumers can immediately feel the difference and see the benefits clearly. These include ABS, ABS, Idling Stop, electric outriggers, Smart Key, and the latest is the HSTC Torque Control system.

Like the SH150i juniors, the 2-channel ABS anti-lock braking system is one of the most outstanding technologies of Honda SH300i. With a small circle on the inside of the disc brakes and a sensor, the car records the speed of the wheel, comparing it to the speed on the road. When the driver pressed the front brakes, the ABS system began comparing the two speeds. When the speed of the wheel is slower than the speed of the vehicle, that is, the front wheel is sliding on the road, the brake will release so that the wheel does not slip but continues to roll and immediately brake again.

The continuous repetition of the above process will keep the wheel rolling on the road surface during braking, ensuring safety even if the driver squeezes the brake handle. That is, when squeezing the front brake, the car will decelerate safely because the wheel is always rolling, not sliding on the road, avoiding loss of steering and falling.

This is especially important for women, in unexpected situations that startle the driver and often squeeze the brakes to stop the car, often causing the car to fall when braking.

Besides the anti-lock braking system ABS, Smart Key is also a highlight that makes a difference for the SH series and is brought down to the lower-class scooters. Of course, Honda SH300i also owns the smart key. Operating based on the verification mechanism (ID) between the FOB control device - Smart lock controller and central processor, so the smart lock system has many advantages compared to the system. Conventional locks typically do not have physical contact, thereby limiting the risk of vehicle theft.

In addition, thanks to the special mechanism of the electric lock knob, if it is not activated by FOB control device, even if deliberately turning the lock will only rotate. This also eliminates the risk of the user forgetting the key at the lock. The smart key system also has an integrated alarm function when external forces affect the vehicle such as shaking, or moving.

There is almost no difference in the cluster of buttons on the 2 steering wheel, except for a small switch on the right hand drive. It is the engine disconnect button like on Honda's large displacement models. This little detail brings a little interesting to me when traveling with the most advanced railway station SH - stopping the red light, pressing the button - as cool as driving a motorbike!

HSTC is an optional torque control system, which helps maintain traction control of the wheel after vehicles running on slippery roads, sand, gravel ... Vehicles equipped with HSTC will activate the system when it detects any any difference in speed between the front and rear wheels when the vehicle is moving, controlling torque of the engine through the fuel injection system and regaining traction for the rear wheels.

On a regular scooter, the engine is not strong enough for the appearance of a torque control system to be really needed - but with a scooter that has a powerful engine like the SH 300i, this is a great addition. Figs are worth the price.

Regarding storage facilities, Honda arranged a small glove compartment in the overalls. A 12V power outlet is moved into the trunk of the car under the seat. This is a big improvement for me, because if you need to charge your phone, you should put it in the trunk of the car instead of stuffing it in the glove compartment like other models.

Moreover, the 12V charging port is more convenient than the USB port. The trunk is quite wide under the seat, can contain 1 full helmet or 2 first half helmets. If you need to store more, you should choose a 25-liter rear-mounted storage box.

My first impression of the Honda SH300i 2019 when I received the car was the height of the saddle up to 805 mm. This is a slightly oversized figure compared to the situation of Vietnamese people and people with a height of over 1m75 to really feel comfortable driving (I have a height of 1m7 and sometimes feel quite uncomfortable with my feet) .

However, when I sat firmly, I realized that the height of SH is a plus point. It provides a very comfortable upright sitting posture, even if there is no time to melt after more than 1 hour, it is also not tiring. The "half a head taller than others" also makes the driver's vision better, invisible create confidence when sitting on the SH.
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