[CAR REVIEW] Honda CBR500R vs CBR650R - What is the best option for newbies?

With the prices of VND 187 million and VND 254 million, respectively, Honda CBR500R and CBR650R are two outstanding options in the medium-sized large-sized motorcycle segment. So, what is the best option for a "newbie"?

Since officially distributing large displacement vehicles in Vietnam with the first dealer located at 165 Pasteur Street, Ho Chi Minh City, Honda Vietnam has hit the segment that rival Yamaha has left open. The warm welcome of Vietnamese consumers has shown that this is a right step for the most popular 2-wheel-drive company in the S-shaped strip of land.

The very good sales of 9 large displacement models officially distributed by Honda Vietnam also pointed out one thing: the demand for big-sized clutches in Vietnam is huge. If the underbone hand-held models like Honda Winner or Yamaha Exciter are "beginner lessons" with reasonable costs, the high-priced gasoline engines are the dream of many young people.

Perhaps all young people remember the time when the Honda CBR150R and Yamaha R15 stormed the Vietnam market only about 7 years ago. That is the time that you have to spend over 150 million just to own these "fly-class" motorcycles. Then, suddenly, with only the same amount, young Vietnamese can buy Sport motorcycles with 250 engines, even 300cc. This is because private dealers compete more fiercely with the looseness of A2 motorbike licensing.

It can be said that the more competition the market has, the more consumers will benefit. With the fierce determination of Honda when offering extremely attractive prices for large displacement vehicles distributed in Vietnam, the motorcycle market is exciting again. With the price of "around" 180 million VND, Honda has up to 4 choices for young Vietnamese, including Rebel 500 (180 million), CB500X (180 million), CB500F (172 million) and CBR500R (187 million), covers all segments from cruiser to sport.

At a slightly higher price, we have a trio of 650 cc, including CB650R (225 million), CBR650F (234 million) and CBR650R (254 million). Today's comparison compares two mid-sized sports bike models, CBR500R and CBR650R to see if the price gap of VND 67 million is worth it.

Eye-catching design
The design of Honda motorcycles is what makes fans happy. Honda models do not have the "strange" accents like the eyes of a BMW or the colorful colors on Kawasaki motorcycles. We still have the traditional colors and parts harmoniously designed with 2 motorbikes in the middle of the Honda board. It is the seamlessness and the nature of connectivity between the ever-new Honda models that make their models seem never out of date.

When directly comparing the two models CBR500R and CBR650R, it is surprising that I find the "junior" more eye-catching. That's largely because the new style of stamp is extremely prominent with white as the dominant color and the striking strips of blue and black. If not sophisticated enough to notice the branded toys on the CBR650F, perhaps many road users will assume that the CBR500R is more advanced.

The Honda CBR500R has an overall dimensions (length x width x height) of 2,080 x 755 x 1,145 mm, a wheelbase of 1,410 mm. The car has a seat height of 785 mm, relatively suitable for people with a height of 1m7 and above, while the ground clearance of 130 mm also makes it comfortable to operate in the city as well as the road. The car has a dry weight of 192 kg, which will make many young people not used to driving a motorbike struggle when driving.

The same specifications of Honda CBR650R are 2,130 x 750 x 1,150 mm, wheelbase 1,450 mm. Thus, the more powerful model has a length greater than 50 mm, a width less than 5 mm and a height of 5 mm. A more significant difference is that the wheelbase longer than 40 mm will help the CBR650R be more stable at high speeds. It has a seat height of 810 mm, 25 mm more than the CBBR500R and the ground clearance is similar at 130 mm. The 650R is also heavier, with a dry weight of more than 15 kg (207 kg). Obviously you need better body shape to be able to "rhyme" CBR 650R comfortably.

In terms of overall design, both motorcycles share the same bunk and sharp appearance. Compared with the old version, CBR500R is a design revolution with sharp crank top, LED lights arranged on both sides with the sound of the leading bird of CBR1000RR. Seamless car overalls are also designed more seamlessly than the previous life was reduced by 1 kink. The 17.1-liter fuel tank also has a more angular design with deeper sides to make it easier for the driver to grip the foot as a fulcrum.

Once you're in the vehicle, you'll see the clip-on handlebars tilted 8 degrees to your side. Such a steering wheel arrangement will make it easier for the driver to hold the fuel tank. Of course, it makes driving straight back when going to the street will be more annoying because you will always have to lean slightly forward. That is very understandable because this is a sports bike, if the driving comfort is what you are looking for, then perhaps a Honda CB car is more suitable.

Another significant highlight of the new CBR500R is the sharp tail design, which comes with 2 air cavities on both sides. This detail plus the sharp LED lights bring a sporty beauty to the CBR500R. As a matter of course, the trunk below just fits a small raincoat and a spare kit.

Honda CBR500R has telescopic front forks with 41mm diameter forks, adjustable load, ProLink single spring forks can adjust 5 levels of damping. Front brake system with single disc brake diameter 320 mm, 2-piston Nissin oil piggy, 240 mm single rear disc brake with 1-piston oil pig. Vehicles equipped with ABS on both wheels.

Regarding the chassis, it can be seen that Honda has saved research and production costs while maintaining the same diamond-like steel frame as the previous generation with 35mm diameter steel pipes. Honda CRB500R front tire 120 mm, with 17-inch wheels and 160 mm rear tires, 17-inch wheels. Honda equips high-performance Dunlop Sport Maxx tires for their midsize motorcycles.

With a price difference of VND 67 million, we can easily see the more expensive toys that CBR650R owns. The car still has a sharp overall design as a typical arrow of Honda motorcycles, but each part has a higher finish, making it feel more expensive. The front of the car is supplemented with carbon-faux fake stickers that look more "genuine", the left steering wheel has an additional lever to turn on / off traction control (Traction Control), which is CBR500R no.

Look "down under the car, we will see 4 exhaust pipes neatly arranged in black painted plastic clothes, suggesting that this machine owns a powerful 4-cylinder engine and gives a much more powerful explosion than juniors. carries only 2 cylinders in parallel. The exhaust tailpipe design with a concise design is also far more aesthetic than the CBR500R's oversized long exhaust.

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