[CAR REVIEW] Honda CB500X 2019 - Medium size!

If controlling the CBR500R in the city is too hard, while the CB500X is too bulky with your condition, do not worry, Honda also offers another option. Dubbed the "multi-purpose king" in the segment of large-sized motorcycles, Honda CB500F is the perfect compromise for new players.

Since officially distributing large displacement vehicles in Vietnam with the first dealer located at 165 Pasteur Street, Ho Chi Minh City, Honda Vietnam has hit the segment that rival Yamaha has left open. The warm welcome of Vietnamese consumers has shown that this is a right step for the most popular 2-wheel-drive company in the S-shaped strip of land.

The very good sales of 9 large displacement models officially distributed by Honda Vietnam also pointed out one thing: the demand for big-sized clutches in Vietnam is huge. If the underbone hand-held models like Honda Winner or Yamaha Exciter are "beginner lessons" with reasonable costs, the high-priced gasoline engines are the dream of many young people.

Perhaps all young people remember the time when the Honda CBR150R and Yamaha R15 stormed the Vietnam market only about 7 years ago. That is the time that you have to spend over 150 million just to own these "fly-class" motorcycles. Then, suddenly, with only the same amount, young Vietnamese can buy Sport motorcycles with 250 engines, even 300cc. This is because private dealers compete more fiercely with the looseness of A2 motorbike licensing.

It can be said that the more competition the market has, the more consumers will benefit. With the fierce determination of Honda when offering extremely attractive prices for large displacement vehicles distributed in Vietnam, the motorcycle market is exciting again. With the price "around" 180 million, Honda has up to 4 choices for young Vietnamese, including Rebel 500 (180 million), CB500X (180 million), CB500F (179 million) and CBR500R (187 million), covers all segments from cruiser to sports. It can be seen that, with the strength of Honda, owning a large displacement vehicle of 500cc has never been so easy and affordable.

Mass design
Honda CB500F has the design exactly as potential customers want when they spend less than VND 200 million to buy a large displacement vehicle. This model has enough angular and muscular appearance to become attractive in the eyes of young people, but also not too "naughty" to make middle-aged people afraid to ride it coffee weekend.

The design of Honda motorcycles is what makes fans happy. Honda models do not have the "strange" accents like the eyes of a BMW or the colorful colors on Kawasaki motorcycles. We still have the traditional colors and parts that harmonize with the naked bike model in the middle of the Honda board. It is the seamlessness and the nature of connectivity between the ever-new Honda models that make their models seem never out of date.

I have compared an Adventure like a Honda CB500X as a 4-wheel SUV, and a CB500F is like a station wagon (estate) - equally versatile but superior in terms of design and performance. flexible onions.

The Honda CB500F 2019 is a necessary innovation compared to the previous version, although the new version retains the overall style typical of Honda mid-sized naked / streetfighter. The most obvious link of the CB500F to Honda's current large displacement models is the front end design. Headlights and headers create a pretty prominent V, immediately attracting the attention of pedestrians. This is the detail that makes the CB500F 2019 stronger and more personal than the previous one, and I personally prefer a motorcycle with a striking design, more youthful than calm and mature. The blue positioning light integrated into the light box is also an interesting highlight of the Honda CB500F, and the white "eye" turn signal light is also attached directly to the front cluster. This white design is more neat and beautiful than the orange of the old one, but both are equally fragile.

Looking to the body of the car, the point that makes you pay most attention is the overalls. This design has a more angular design than the previous one and is not only more aesthetically pleasing, it is also carved into the air holes to push the hot air from the engine radiator to the sides, away from the driver's foot, increasing comfort for you, especially when driving in the hot 40 degrees Celsius. The fuel tank is also more angular design, shaped to help you easily grip your feet on the sides when cornering. Honda CB500F fuel tank has a capacity of 17.1 liters, a little larger than the previous version. With a published gasoline consumption of 3.4 liters / 100 km, the Honda CB500F can run continuously for nearly 500 km with a fuel tank, at least in theory.

Honda CB500F is equipped with 17-inch wheels front and back with a minimalist design. The Y-spokes are hollowed out to reduce weight and reduce centrifugal force when the wheel is turning at high speed. The suspension is fairly basic, including a 41 mm diameter front shock absorber and a Pro-link telescopic single shock absorber with 5 levels of manual load. The stroke of the piston before and after the shock absorbers respectively 10.9 and 11.9 cm, relatively abundant so you do not have to worry about roaring when you miss to potholes.

Practical experience shows that the suspension of Honda CB500F is really good. The two front shock absorbers have springs designed with progressive stiffness: softer when they reach the upper / lower dead point, and stiff in the middle of the stroke. This design makes the car very smooth when traveling at street speeds, but firm, sturdy when running at high speeds. The rear shock absorbers also work effectively, bringing comfort when traveling 1 person or 2 people. The Michelin Road 5 tires have nothing to reproach, providing excellent grip even when it rains. The front brake system is also very reliable with the braking force spread evenly with the handbrake journey, making it easy for me to apply the desired braking force. However, the rear brakes are a bit lacking in feeling. The ABS system also does not work too hard and the computer will automatically turn on the warning light if I brake really hard.

Riding Honda CB500F in the city really easily is like controlling a bigger Winner. The clutch is 45% lighter than the previous model thanks to the new clutch that makes it very easy to slowly shift gears at low speeds. The engine is also very gentle in the low loop range, although the engine sound is still a bit harsh compared to other 4-cylinder engines. This is something you need to accept because the price of CB500F is much cheaper than naked 4-cylinder models. The comfortable sitting posture with the steering wheel has a wide steering angle that makes it easy to control the car for hours on the street. If you intend to use the CB500F as the only vehicle, going 7 days a week is also very good.

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