15 most worth motorcycles of 2019-2020 are from 78 million

2019 marks a lot of changes in the motorcycle market as automakers constantly release new and improved models. So, which is the best motorcycle to buy in 2019? Along Blog Adayroi review the outstanding cars currently on the market.

1. Yamaha R15 V3 motorcycle
Yamaha R15 V3 motorcycle possesses a sporty design with a pit and shows the personality of the driver thanks to the Delta Box frame. The car has the style of a super motor that Yamaha has done well in the previous segment.

The car possesses the plus points, so it is always appreciated in the market such as suitable vehicle weight, Led technology, double headlights. In addition, the car has a 155cc engine combined with variable valve technology to help reduce energy consumption efficiently. Reference price: 78,500,000 VND

2. Honda CB150R Motorcycle (CB150R Exmotion)
Honda CB150R motorcycle is a car from Thailand with a weight of 125kg that is loved on the market. The car is a new member of the Neo Sport family with a classic style but still looks modern. This is the car in the list of most worth buying motorcycles in 2019 for men because of its masculine design with full information LCD display face, sports style exhaust design, powerful DOHC engine ready. Conquer many terrains and different challenges. Not only that CB150R owns quality ABS brakes. Reference price: 106,000,000 VND

3. BENELLI 302S clutch truck
Benelli 302S tapered scooter not only impresses with its unique appearance but also is highly appreciated for its quality engine, which is highly appreciated by the big devotees. The car has a clean and sporty overall design with high handlebars to create a comfortable sitting position, the fuel tank is changed smaller than the previous version to help the car feel more elegant. Vehicles using twin cylinder engine block combined with 300 cc capacity to help save fuel, ensure good performance. Reference price: VND 115,999,000

4. BMW Motorrad motorbike
BMW Motorrad is the leading car manufacturer in the market today. All brands of the company have modern technologies and reasonable prices. Owning a strong design, suitable for many different terrains, users can easily adjust the height of the saddle as desired. The car has many different segment lines, but it is quite suitable for the physique and needs of Vietnamese people. Reference price from 189 million to 629 million.

5. Suzuki Suzuki 2019
Suzuki is a high quality motorcycle manufacturer on the market with many legendary product lines. Suzuki super moto 2019 is always appreciated for its durable engine, sporty design, good fuel economy. In the Vietnamese market, this is a car that competes well with the mid-range moto segment, but if you look closely on the appearance, Suzuki has not had a diversity compared to rivals in the same segment. Reference price: from 399 - 419 million VND

6. Motorcycles Kawasaki 2019
Kawasaki is a famous motorcycle brand in the world today with many different models showing the personality and style of the owner. Inside:

  • Cruiser Series: Classic style with reasonable seat height design, when sitting upright, handy and create a luxurious feeling. The price of a car is about 249 - 259 million.
  • Touring Series: Large size, fully equipped such as backrest position, storage space, large fuel tank, windshield with relatively high price. From VND 200 - 400 million with dynamic and sporty manner
  • Classic Series: Bringing an ancient and nostalgic vintage style. The car has a reasonable price with dampers, headlights that bring masculinity and elegance for only VND 70 million
  • Naked Bike Series: Owning a large engine, no shielding on the sides and front. Price about 219 - 459 million.
  • SportBike Series: Owning large tires, large size fuel tank, grip, many other support details such as storage boxes, motorbike covers. Price of 200 - 900 million.

7. PKL Benelli motorbike 400cc
Many people wonder whether the PKL Benelli 400cc motorbike is good or not, this is a European naked bike with a European-oriented design, in the list of highly rated motorbikes today. Vehicles own twin cylinder engine with a capacity of 11,500 rpm is the first choice for power lovers. However, with a weight of up to 195kg, this is a relatively heavy vehicle compared to other competitors in the market. Reference price: from 108 million VND

8. Ducati motorbike
Model car is designed in the style "pit" from the car brand specializing in the production of Ducati super moto. Although the design has a sporty and personality, it is still very gentle and elegant, causing many devotees to love this style. Order genuine Ducati cars with many diverse prices, flexible models: 120 million - 1.2 billion.

9. Triumph motorbike
Referring to the most worthy motorcycle in 2019 for men, Triumph cannot be ignored. This is a car with many different design styles from nostalgia to modernity. Triumph models often have a neat, smooth-running appearance that demonstrates the power of men. Reference price: 329 - 704 million VND

10. Z1000 motorbike
If you are wondering which one to buy, the Kawasaki Z1000 is an option to consider. Kawasaki Z1000 2019 is the top 20 stylish and sporty cars that are highly appreciated in Vietnam market today because of their safety features, quality brakes and sporty designs to suit the physique of the person. Vietnam. Vehicles sold on the market with two versions are standard and R Edition with prices ranging from 399 - 439 million.

11. Harley motorbike
An option not to be missed for the followers of large motorcycles is Harley. This model possesses quality frames that help improve the tilt angle, suitable for many different terrains. Vehicles equipped with many advanced and modern technology on the market. The reference price for the latest Harley Davidson 2019 series is from VND 300 million - VND 1.4 billion.

12. Motorbike Rebel
Honda Rebel motorbike is neatly designed, reasonable seat height brings a pleasant feeling when driving. The car has a classic style, high aesthetics and is much appreciated today. Reference price: VND 120 million

13. Brixton motorbike
Brixton motorcycles are the first choice for believers who love the freedom, liberal and express their own personality. Classification of large displacement vehicles Brixton varies in style and design. As a cheap car with reference price from 40 million - nearly 200 million.

14. MSX motorbike
The Honda MSX model is on the list of the 10 most worth buying motorcycles in 2019, strong personality with small arms design suitable for young people who love dynamism and personality. Vehicles with 125cc displacement engine electronic fuel injection. Vehicles with a selling price of 49 million.

15. Phoenix motorcycle
Phoenix is ​​a large displacement bike worth buying with a sporty design with many modern technologies. Vehicles possessing advanced lighting systems with many different light levels. Owning a clock cluster displaying fashion and sports. This is a car model that many young people love on the market with reference prices: from 55 to 150 million.

Top 15 motorcycles worth buying, most worth buying, are car lovers love and appreciate. With a reasonable price, these are the cars that bring satisfaction in both design and functionality. However, you should also pay attention to choose the most worth buying motorcycles in 2019 at reputable dealers. In which Adayroi is a place to buy and sell quality cars with installment policies, membership points and many attractive after sales. Refer to a collection of stylish, stylish and stylish Ducati cars with many attractive promotions.

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